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Non-Profitable community, business  leadership, and MENTORSHIP PROJECT.

Helping young adult entrepreneurs.

Through practical application, and "shadowing" successful business owners.

Mentorship & Coaching Forum

CREATING A GENERATION OF LEADERSHIP based on good business principles, ethetics values, standards and good governance.

Taking into account, throughout the ages  - within the trade & market place, for bartering of the greater benefit, and profit of all - as a means to  sustainability, and HEALTHY community economy -within the SMALL BUSINESS sector - to develop & enrich SMALL BUSINESS leadership  & ULTIMATELY to "enhance" a mentality of empowering others in business.

We are a selected Group of South African BUSINESS owners, who are driven, and passionate ABOUT empowering the SMALL BUSINESS  COMMUNITY.

We kindly request unrestricted funding ,or donations for startup capital on computer, and communications.
as well as MENTORSHIP costs, blogger & public relations expense, basic travelling costs, and day-to-day communication costs.

A special note of gratitude to our key partners for time, and efforts volunteered. WMH

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