Golden Deal HOME D.I.Y. Improvements & Maintenance

By Regina Basson · Feb 19, 2021
Golden Deal HOME D.I.Y. Improvements & Maintenance picture

We aim to provide a listing of D.I.Y. Maintenance & Improvement products with continued focus on Convenient & Easy Functionality, Quality of product @ reasonable cost. 

We have a board of specialists we counsel with for our Home Improvement products, along with Introducing our collaboration with True Colours WATERPROOFING, PAINTING & RENOVATIONS, who have an extensive, and impressive 15 years+ in the building, and construction industry, who provide us with Specialised WATERPROOFING Technique packages, we market as an approved product/service listing on Golden Deal Trading.

We continue to focus on broadening our Home Improvement division, and welcome any client to challenge us on finding a specific tool, or item for Home D.I.Y. projects.

We are excited about having in the pipeline a local engineer πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ who will be listed soon, with Specialised Plumbing / suction equipment for blocked drains for residential, and commercial use irrespectively. They currently are listed with Talisman Hire, and we look forward to introducing this genius to our Golden Deal Trading approved stockist.

Golden Greetings until next time 🌟

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