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R 615 Sale R 999

1 . Built-in optical heart rate sensor all-weather attention to your heart rate changes. 
2. Large screen display, measuring blood 
pressure at any time and anywhere, simple 
operation, easy to use. 
3. A new generation of intelligent algorithms 
can recognize multiple movements and 
accurately calculate calories. 
4. UI is predominantly concise and can satisfy free matching in any environment. 
5. The bracelet can be controlled to play songs on the bracelet. 
6. Built-in high-capacity polymer lithium-ion 
batteries, shorter charging time, longer life. 
7. Fashionable and colorful watchbands can be selected according to different peopleVs 

1 . Time display, exercise mode, information 
reminded telephone reminded pedometry, 
calories, distance, hand-up screen, sleep 
monitoring, running track. 
2. Call reminded message reminder, sedentary reminder, alarm clock reminder, do not disturb mode, shake to take photo. 
3. Look for bracelets, dials


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