New company registrations within 24-hours picture
New company registrations within 24-hours picture

New Company Registrations within 24-hours

R 1,149

New Company Registration package INCLUDES :

1. Company name reservation

2. Company Income Tax Registration

3.  Company Certificate (CK1)

4. Notice of Incorporation

5. Memorandum of Incorporation

6. Free Business Plan brief document

7. Free ONE month subscription on our tender bulleting mailing

8. Free listing on niche market directory


1. ID numbers for each director

2. Date of issue of directors ID'S (stipulated on your ID doc/card)

3. Four company names listing 1 as 1st choice, and 2nd as 2nd choice etc.

4. Residential / physical addresses of each director (along with company office physical address)

5. Email addresses for each director

6. Cell / landline contact numbers for each director

7. Full name & surname for each director  

Email all of the above directly to : [email protected]

- payment terms are upfront payment to secure.


Enquire by email to : [email protected] for other offers NOT included with company registration as below.

We also offer each new company with the following basic but important legal requirements, as the next priority for a registered company :  

1.  Appointment of a Public Officer / SARS representative

2. Registering your company on SARS E-filing as a Tax Payer

3. Tax Clearance / Compliance Certificate (for tenders & good standing)  

4. Central Supplier Database (CSD)

5. Share Certificates (necessary when you register more than 1 director). Above will constitute for all the legal requirements.  

We further offer a package for marketing/promotional/branding requirements :

1.  Logo, posters & flyers - artwork

2. Digital business visibility & marketing

3. Company profile  

Lastly, we offer a package for

1.  CIPLA company annual returns to the registrar of companies (legal requirement)

2. SARS returns twice a year 3. BBEE Certificate renewal per year.  

We also offer training & educational programs for new business owners!


Service Code : COS500.1149.649.0456731170

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Customer reviews

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Extremely speedy services
Joey on May 17, 2021
Thank you so much for all the help and advice and the amazing service you delivered!! In a few hours my company was registered. I can't remember when last I received such professional service from a company. I am highly impressed and will most definitely use you for my website and setting up my business online..
within less than 24-hours we got Litsch (Pty) Ltd. registered & compliant (-;
— Golden Deal Trading

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